Supply of setts for houses electrification and transport.

Power plants

Furugelma poweR

FURUGELMA POWER power station stores energy and makes it available at any time - at night or during a power outage. They are used to supply power to homes, businesses, boat electric motors, boats, yachts, as uninterruptible power supplies. 

The power plant detects power outages and automatically becomes the main source of energy in your home. Protect your home from power outages and stay with lights on, a charged phone, and a running refrigerator at all times. 

Power plants use modern LiFePo4 batteries. The safest battery of all lithium batteries. Unlike lead batteries, it is 2 times lighter and at the same time 15 times longer service life. High current output allowing high power output. Operation in winter up to -20C. 

 Does not self-ignite, unlike lithium-ion batteries. 



electric tension

  • AC: 220 W
  • DC: 12, 24, 48, 72, 96, 120 W

battery capacity

  • 50-1000 А
  • 1-100 kW



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